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Share Draft/Checking


We offer a broad range of services, which have been designed especially for our members. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us at the Credit Union office nearest to you.

Share/Regular Savings

Share/Regular Savings is an interest bearing account that works like a basic savings account. You must have this account opened to be eligible for any of the other services we offer. This account requires an initial $6.00 in cash ($1.00 fee $5.00 deposit) and the account must maintain a $5.00 balance at all times to keep the account open. You may make deposits and withdrawals with this account. To open a Share/Savings account you need to set up an appointment and provide current identification.

Share Certificates

The Share Certificates are savings program that is similar to Certificates of Deposit (CD’s). The certificates can have a 1 year or 2 year term each having a minimum deposit of $500.00. The dividends are compounded quarterly. You have the option of applying the dividends back to the principal or paid to your share account. The certificate may be pledged as collateral security for a loan or loans from the Credit Union. Should you need to make a withdrawal from the certificate prior to maturity you will be accessed a penalty of 90 days interest on the amount of withdrawal and required to close the Certificate. Once the Certificate is about to reach maturity you will receive at least ten (10) days’ notice prior to maturity. The certificates will automatically renew for the same or like term upon maturity. A ten (10) day grace period is available after maturity. During this ten (10) day period, funds may be withdrawn from the maturing account without the assessment of an early withdrawal penalty. To open a Share Certificate set up an appointment and have proper identification.

Christmas Club

The Christmas Club is another type of savings account. This account earns interest and there is no minimum deposit. The Christmas Club is separate from your regular share/savings account. You may make deposits throughout the year and no minimum amount is required. This account will also renew each year unless we are notified in writing. In order to open this account, set up an appointment and have proper identification. You may start this account any month of the year.


Individual Retirement Account complies with federal guidelines and policies as well as credit union policies. Contact an IRA specialist for more information.

Routing Number: 251579403

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